Gipsy roots

Gipsy Roots

Walking down les champs Elysées
It was in Paris, year nineteen twenty four
I’m just sitting by the river
watching people passing by

when I see a young musician
with women all around
while the old blind poet
tries to cross le pont neuf

He staggers to rive gauche
with hunger in his soul
looks for something to calm
the starvation in his mouth

Little shops along the Seine
selling pieces of their lifes
just to try to make a living
out of what they leave behind

Take it or leave it
it’s up to you
You’d take it easy
I know you would

Sure you can make it
believe in you
You’ll kick his ass
we’ll always love you

Dm – Gm/E – A – Dm – Gm – Dm – E7 – A
Dm – Gm/E – A – Dm – Gm – Dm – A# – A – Dm
Gm – C – F – Gm/E – A – Dm (D7)

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